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AAP Urges Retesting for Lead Poisoning

Lead Poisoning pic
Lead Poisoning

A physician and healthcare executive with more than three decades of experience, Dr. Ramesh Sachdeva has served in a variety of roles throughout his career, including clinician, administrator, educator, and researcher. In his current role, Dr. Ramesh Sachdeva serves as the associate director of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a position he has held for five years.

Upon guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly advises parents of children under the age of six years who have previously received a blood test to check for lead poisoning to follow up with their physicians to see if an updated test is warranted. According to the CDC and AAP, previously tested children with levels of up to 10 micrograms for each deciliter should receive another test, as it has been found that previous testing methods may be an unreliable when determining whether or not a child is suffering from lead poisoning.

The AAP stresses the importance of these tests given the serious health complications that can develop in children who experience prolonged exposure to lead-based materials. If a child is found to have an elevated amount of lead in their blood, the most common treatment is to move them out of the living situation or other places that are contributing to the problem.


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