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AMA Enters into Partnership to Support Diabetes Prevention


American Medical Association pic
American Medical Association

An experienced pediatric critical care and sleep medicine professional, Dr. Ramesh Sachdeva works at the Medical College of Wisconsin as a professor. In addition, Dr. Ramesh Sachdeva serves as the associate executive director of the American Academy of Pediatrics and maintains a membership with the American Medical Association (AMA).

Recently, the AMA partnered with digital therapeutics firm Omada Health and Intermountain Healthcare to contribute to type 2 diabetes prevention. To do this, Intermountain Healthcare will offer Omada’s Prevent program at its Utah-based facilities.

The current version of the Prevent program leads patients through a 16-week course designed to guide people at risk for type 2 diabetes toward a healthy lifestyle and lower their risk of developing the disease. The AMA will be involved with the implementation of Omada’s program at Intermountain Healthcare and supervise the integration to help Omada meet the needs of providers’ workflows.

The AMA independently operates its own diabetes prevention efforts in the form of its Prevent Diabetes STAT program, with the acronym STAT standing for Screen, Test, Act – Today.


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